Walk Like an Egyptian

Every year, STJ sixth graders celebrate the culmination of their Ancient Egypt unit by dressing up and participating in projects and activities. The students created a "Book of the Dead," sarcophagus, cartouche, and wrote their own Egyptian inspired poetry.

Each subject area studied various aspects of Egyptian culture and history. This multidisciplinary approach allowed each subject area teacher to focus on a specific theme and assign projects and classwork related to each subject.

Art, music, technology, and the four core subjects all worked together to provide a broader scope of learning for the students.

Each student created his or her own Egyptian ornamental collar, inspired by the ancient pharaohs and priests of the time. Students chose symbols, called hieroglyphics, to represent different objects, actions, sounds and ideas.

egyptian day collage.png
For my collar, I chose the Almighty Seeing Eye, gems, and a pyramid for my collar.
— Donald Evans, 6th grade student