See learning firsthand with Seesaw

Have you ever thought “I would love to be a fly on the wall” when thinking about your child and their classroom?  It would be amazing to see what they are doing each day! It is now possible, with the Seesaw app!

seesaw app logo.png

Since STJ introduced Seesaw four years ago, elementary students have been given an avenue to document their learning creatively through technology.  Students share their amazing photos, videos, drawings and notes with parents via the app. Some of the best parts of the day are getting notifications from Seesaw!

“Seesaw is an amazing tool allowing students to share all types of learning experiences with teachers and parents.  It provides an authentic purpose for learning, creativity, expression, and reflection.”  - Tina Waggoner, elementary technology teacher

Seesaw is just another tool Saint James School uses to educate the whole child and share with families the amazing work our students do in the classroom each day!