Good Manners and a Smile are Always in Style

The lovely ladies and dapper gentlemen of Kindergarten put their manners unit to the test this week at the annual K5 tea party. Dressed in their formal party attire, the students processed into their classrooms two by two. As the ladies were escorted to their seats, our young men tucked their chairs in and joined their companions at a beautifully decorated table fully equipped with imaginary place settings. The honorable guests enjoyed fancy bites and practiced their table etiquette by passing items, sharing, and using their nicest manners. Hudson Selbee, a student in Ms. Ali King’s class, explains to “always say please and thank you.”


Our three Kindergarten classes learned all about using polite manners and will continue to practice their skills throughout the year. As Saint James builds communities of character focusing on the education of the whole child, we start these practices early. A strong foundation of integrity, courtesy, and generosity begin with our littlest learners.