Welcome! 환영 bienvenida! أهلا بك wamukelekile! 欢迎

This week, STJ Student Ambassadors, along with the MBA Conversational English School and volunteers, welcomed international school-aged children and their families to Montgomery. Camp America, held annually at First Baptist Church of Montgomery, is a day-long event with fun, games, and the “how-tos” of what to expect when they begin school in Montgomery.

The Conversational English Ministry teaches English to international adults. The program provides hospitality, preschool childcare & transportation. Conversational English is a ministry made available to The Air War College at Maxwell AFB and any international students in the River Region who wish to practice and improve their English.


Our STJ Student Ambassadors assisted with English language exercises and visited with children experiencing America for the first time. We are so excited to have so many new families in our community.