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This week, STJ Student Ambassadors, along with the MBA Conversational English School and volunteers, welcomed international school-aged children and their families to Montgomery. Camp America, held annually at First Baptist Church of Montgomery, is a day-long event with fun, games, and the “how-tos” of what to expect when they begin school in Montgomery.

The Conversational English Ministry teaches English to international adults. The program provides hospitality, preschool childcare & transportation. Conversational English is a ministry made available to The Air War College at Maxwell AFB and any international students in the River Region who wish to practice and improve their English.


Our STJ Student Ambassadors assisted with English language exercises and visited with children experiencing America for the first time. We are so excited to have so many new families in our community.



Giving Joy and Hope as “BMT Angels”

BMT Angels pic 2.jpg

For many years, Saint James students have helped make the Christmas party for the UAB Bone Marrow Transplant Unit patients and their families a huge success.

This year, the entire school will band together to provide Christmas presents to patients in the unit, whose families are often so physically and financially strained during their treatment that Christmas gifting becomes difficult.

It was an honor to have Kaitlyn Johnson and Sharon Jones, both RN’s with the unit, visit us and host assemblies for our elementary, middle, and high school students to discuss the program as well as how we can serve as “BMT Angels!"

BTM Angels pic.JPG

Sophie Shoults and Jesse Johnson, both 5th graders, are excited to buy for a little girl.  Sophie said “I want to get her a stuffed animal that sings ABC’s and 123’s.” Jesse said “I would love to get her a barbie with many outfit changes!”

Our Learning Specialist, Joann Reifenberg, and her husband, Ed, have ensured for years that Saint James students are involved with this project.  Ed, who was treated in the UAB unit, is in his 20th year of remission!

This project, one of our many community service projects our students participate in each year, is such a special way for our students to have the opportunity to give back to someone in need and learn the wonderful lesson of compassion.


Student Government Association Gives Back

Hello, my name is Trinity Hunter and I have the honor of serving as the SGA President of Saint James in my final year of high school. 

Our Student Government Association been thriving. Since the end of last year, we have managed to double our members from thirteen to twenty-six. We have continued to be committed to serving the community and Saint James as best as we can. 

Our first initiative of the year was the Booker T. Washington Magnet High School change drive. Early in the school year, BTW experienced a major fire. While it is a blessing that no one was hurt, one of their buildings was still destroyed and with it. Student art work, art tools and materials, and technology devices were lost in the disaster. Members of the STJ SGA stood outside all over campus one Friday morning and collected change from parents, students, and teachers alike. Amazingly, we were able to gain $1500 to send to BTW!! 


I can honestly say that my time in the SGA has been some of my favorite memories. It has given me experience leading a group and public speaking ability from the school convocations. But most importantly, it has given me the ability to talk to people and maintain relationships with them along the way. I am forever grateful to Saint James to have gotten this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year holds!

Go Trojans!


After the change drive, it was time to get to work on our annual Community Day of Service. Every year, the high school is tasked with going out into the community and spending a day volunteering. This day could not happen without the SGA. For two months, we planned for Community Day: calling businesses, assigning students and teachers alike, and designing T-Shirts. On October 5, the high school branched out across the Montgomery area to make the community a better place for all that lived in it. 

Our next project is Fall Festival. It is so exciting to be able to participate in the uniquely Saint James tradition that is Fall Festival. It is a great night of fellowship between Saint James families and has become a stable in the lives of many students. Every year, SGA is in charge of the raffle. We are excited to give out great prizes this year to those whose names are drawn! 

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